Q: “What’s it like being a woman in the music industry?”

A: I don’t have a dick.

Now can we talk about
My musicianship?
My flute?
My all female band and crew?
My passions?
The future?
These thick thighs?
My voice; my power?
The World and its’ illness?
Black Lives Mattering?

How if I had a dollar every time I’m asked what it’s like to ‘be a woman in the industry’ I’d still have 20 percent less than the men asking me?

The hardest part about being a woman in this industry is having to continually answer questions that perpetuate this tired rhetoric that being a woman is somehow harder. Here’s to the humanization of women in music. Here’s to a new standard where the press digs deeper than gender. Here’s to never answering that question again.

I don’t have to tell you what it’s like being a woman in the industry.

I’ll show you.