Micayla Grace (Bleached)

Sexism is so deeply ingrained in society that it can be sometimes hard to detect. There’s the blatant misogynistic shaming, but also the seemingly benign experiences, like walking into a Guitar Center and getting the fledgling musician reception: “Hey sweetie, you lost? Buying something for your boyfriend? Let me show you how to play that bass you’re looking at.”

like walking into a Guitar Center and getting the fledgling musician reception: “Hey sweetie, you lost? Buying something for your boyfriend?”

Sure it pisses me off, but I’m aware that we are women in 2017, and this is a mission we are on that takes time and a lot of reshaping of perspectives.

When I look at the amount of change the world has seen in the last 100 years, I remember that this moment in time is just a blip on a much larger journey. For that reason I can feel good about contributing to a time of legendary rock ‘n roll pioneers, men and women alike, and if we simply do our part by being the best we can be, by rocking the fuck out, then we are contributing to a desirable future.

I love the saying “feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”

It’s all about harmony. I think of society as something we are fine tuning. I don’t want to focus on the oppression so many women have suffered through the ages and the sexism we still encounter as an incurable disease; I see it as a guitar we are still tuning. So yeah, I’m optimistic but it’s gonna take a lot more work and the best way to honor this legacy of women being considered equals is by being an example.

I know we will be referred to as a “girl band” or “female fronted” because right now it’s a thrilling place to be; in the center of a revolution.

Sexism can be seen as a longstanding system of advantage and privilege for those who are not discriminated against, and privilege can be very hard to recognize by those who have it. A man in music is seen just as a musician, but a woman is music is a female musician. This makes it very difficult to break through the lingering layers of sexism that remain.

As women, we have had a steep hill to climb on this path to equality, and here’s the thing that I think keeps pushing us back: society still wants women to hate themselves because it is profitable..There is a multi-billion dollar industry in place, driven by neurotic greed, that is determined to make us feel inadequate. The frustration that comes with not being able to live up to this created image that has nothing to do with reality keeps us stuck in a kind of dark ages…but we are breaking through. I’m going to be myself, and respect myself, despite what the Trumps of the world want for me. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes it is a struggle, but the reward that comes along with being true to yourself is totally worth it. I think the world is starting to realize that society has been lacking by focusing on male priorities and leaving women in the passenger seat. By continuing to have a strong sense of self-respect and understanding what it means to be real, the door to true equality is finally opening.