Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum)

21 Questions For Female Musicians.

Interview by Shannon Funchess

  1. What’s your least favorite interview question?

  2. Name two fave female drummers/percussionists.

  3. Name two fave female guitarists

  4. Name two fave female bass players

  5. Name two fave female keyboardists/pianists

  6. Name one female music producer

  7. Name two fave female vocalists and your fave song that they sing.

  8. Best hangover cure

  9. What what was the last book you read?

  10. Where would you like to perform that you haven’t yet?

  11. Go to ritual when starting your period on or off the road?

  12. When did you first realize you wanted to write/perform musically?

  13. Do you have any rituals before performing live? (most artists poop before a show so that doesn’t count)

  14. What was your main inspiration for producing music? Has it changed?

  15. If you had a time machine and could travel back in time, what would you tell your younger self about writing, producing and performing that you learned?

  16. Have you ever feared for your safety during or after a show due to an over zealous male fan or male staff at a venue? Did you report it or tell your band mates?

  17. What advice would you give young girls and women just starting out in the music industry.

  18. Fave past time when not writing, producing and performing music?

  19. Fave city you’ve visited while on tour?

  20. Do you warm up before shows? How/by what method e.g., scales, stretching, vocal exercise, ect.,?

  21. Is the current political and economic atmosphere influencing your performance or production?